Posted on January 21, 2005 at 1:51 pm

Knotty_merinoHere is the naughty merino, tamed by my new wheel (have I mentioned that I have a new wheel?).  The fiber is from Ashland Bay Trading, in the colourway Sandalwood.   It’s a soft wool, short in staple, and on the Joy regularly pulled out of my fingers as I drafted.  The difference between my spinning on my Joy and on the Tina II is a testament to good tools.  The Joy is a fine wheel–compact and portable–but I am too tall for that set-up and the scotch tension makes the uptake too brusque for me with this particular roving.
Joyless_merinoNow, at this point I must assume that you would like to see what I’ve been complaining about, but you’ll look at this and remind yourself that I complain about things that are not clearly translated by a digital photograph.  You’re looking at the single on the Joy and fuming, "That Moth Heaven Woman is nuts.  She’s a big whinging liar. That looks just fine to me.  Between this and that felted bag she claims to have ruined, I’m never believing a word she says about her own work again! "
I admit, both spindles look roughly equivalent, but there’s a lot more sweat embeded in the fiber on the Joy, and a lot more PG-13 punctuation marks in cartoon bubbles released into the air because of that particular spindle.  So I’m taking up full time with the Tina from here on out: it’s better for my blood pressure, and I can spin in the same room as my kids are watching T.V

Fritzys_sock Oh.  Almost forgot: I finally finished the first of the Fritzy’s Socks.  At this rate the second one should be done in May.  But this may be the nicest sock I’ve ever knit.  I adore the Mountain Colours Bearfoot. It’s soft and cuddly and isn’t squeaky at all like most other "sock" yarns.  And for those of you flirting with the skein in your stash but not sure how much of a sock you can get out of it, I divided the yarn into two 50 gram skeins with the chemist’s scale, and out of one half, I got 7 inches of sock before I started the heel, and 9 inches of foot.  There was enough left over that I think I could have added an inch somewhere, but better a safe sock than one with a contrast toe.