Posted on May 11, 2004 at 9:50 am

There were some impressive sweaters walking around, Sunday.  It was perfect weather for it in the morning, just enough of a breeze to bring out the handiwork one more time, and I got a few on camera.  I don’t remember the name of the one immediately on the left here, but the woman who made it let me look at the back of the work (yes, I have no shame) and it is beautiful.  For those of you who think I was insane, uh, I mean, ambitious, to knit the Insomnia sweater, you should get a load of the stranding on this baby: three colours in every row!  Part of the deal for the knitting of this sweater by mother for daiughter, is that daughter (in the picture) would weave in all the ends. 

sheep_toosheep And it being a sheep festival, there were quite a few sweaters sporting sheep motifs.  Here a two of my favorites.  The white headless one there (by request) had a funny story.  This sweater apparently lived on the needles for twenty years (note the 1980’s puffy sleeves) and a bet was proposed by her fellow knitting circle members that it couldn’t be completed by the Festival.  The knitter told me that the last button was sewn on at Exit 17 on their way that day to the amazement of the group who met them at the gate.  What an inspiration for all those UFO’s lurking around.

Oh, and did I mention that I met up with Teresa?  Here she is with Judy of The Borderline Spinners, who won the Fleece to Shawl competition.  Judy recognized Teresa from her blog.  A reader!  Isn’t that cool?  Don’t forget to admire Teresa’s beautiful Rogue.  Anyone still thinking about knitting this pattern should consider Green Mountain Spinnery’s  Mountain Mohair.