Posted on May 6, 2005 at 10:44 am

StellataI’m not bitter, mostly because I have lovely things to look forward to this summer in the way of fiber folk and friends.  But it is hard to sit here and think of all the bloggers who will be racing Claudia to the Indigo Moon booth at MDS$W, and then knitting together into the wee hours of the night while at home the kitchen counters (and every other surface) get stickier and stickier (nod to Stephanie).

But why mope about it?  We house-bound blogeuses have the power to have some fun anyway. For those of us not going to MDS$W, how about a little blogger fesitval of our own?  As Margene was musing this morning, we who are at home still have each other, and the next best thing to being there is being here, on the internet.  Why not leave us all a post on Saturday?  Weekends are usually dead; it would be fun to have a few entries to read come Sunday when my bloglines feeds are usually dry. Don’t worry about making it a landmark installment in your fiber-blogging life.  Show us the row you managed friday after the kids finally went to bed, tell us what Saturday breakfast is like at your house, what’s in bloom in your garden? What colour is your pedicure under those handknit socks?

How about it?

C’mon kids! Let’s have a party!