Posted on October 30, 2010 at 1:55 pm

In August, I pulled an old book from a shelf in what passes in my family cabin as a library but is really just hundred years' worth of books that no one wanted to cart home, having served their summer purpose of passing time on rainy days or after dinner. What I thought at first was merely a pretty book jacket turned out to be just my kind of love story, and I read it clean through, almost without stopping even to knit for several days. I come to find that only a few years ago the book was made into a charming movie.

I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith is a English coming of age novel of what would be a fairly predictable tangent were it not for the endearing voice of the narrator, and an ending that choses an untidy heart-plucking resolution over the usual "happily ever after." The film version remains true to the book, but sprinkles adorable handknits about the place. A fine thing in a movie.


Our heroine is Cassandra, the less pretty of two sisters in a poor but educated family whose novelist father (Bill Nighy, people!) has fallen from his once lofty artistic heights in more ways than one.


The girls have limited wardrobes, but befitting the 1930's, the details are as charming as a glade of bluebells. Both Cassandra and her sister Rose own cropped textured cardigans and flattering berets that seem borrowed from a Rowan magazine.


I had a hard time getting a clear shot of Rose's cardigan in particular, but she wears it both with high waisted trousers and her calico day dress.



The beret is adorable too, just a simple garter ridge pattern in a blue that plays up her eyes.


Note the yarn in the gloves. ::sigh::


Henry Thomas (aka that boy from E.T.) plays Simon Cotton, a American who finds himself the sudden heir of the local manor house, landlord to the Mortmain family and (of course) love interest to Rose. But look at that vest.  Do you suppose American men could buy such things in Montana in the 30's, or did he pick it up from the manor house's wardrobe?

There are other things to catch, fleetingly shot, so keep your eyes peeled. Bill Nighy's cardigan in his first scene for instance. Broken rib, I think. I could be wrong.

Netflix has it available to watch instantly. Go ahead.