Posted on March 9, 2005 at 9:56 am


With the Fritzy’s off the needles, and the scarf kit from Fleece Artist finished, I have that familiar hankering for something new, but I am buckling down and continuing to work away at the PS136.   Yesterday, I even stumbled upon the kind of obstacle that were I not blogging, would send the whole thing to live in the Rubbermaid Time Capsule.   Since it is winter, and much of my knitting happens in light too dim to tell the difference between oatmeal colour and the ivory background, I found that three of the leaves in the most recent repeat had strayed from their center lines. Yesterday, in a massive assertion of  the will of the blog (people are watching, after all), I ripped back five rows on each of them to correct the problem.  I thought that this would be far easier than ripping the whole thing out and re-knitting the five rows in question.  Magically, for a whole hour, the phone didn’t ring, no child came running with an urgent need for help with their pile of  blocks, no dog laid his head on the yarn looking for attention, and my husband seemed to be able to find the particular newspaper of the three weeks worth we have lying about the place upon which he wrote a very important phone number on all by himself.  Had there been an interruption, it would have been a disaster, because I found the whole procedure to be a preposterous balancing act of floats and stitches and odds and ends, and any puff of wind, any shift in the earth’s magnetic field, any flutter of a butterfly’s wing in China would have sent the thing to the ground like a cartoonish explosion of an over-wound watch.  Maybe you felt that pause too, Tuesday between 1 and 2p.m. EST?  And if you happened to be in traffic at the time, you have my gratitude for your waiting while I fixed my little problem.Patience_patience

The thingies you see on the tips of my needles are slices of rubber band which I used to anchor the stitches onto the needles while I worked away at rearranging the pattern.  I use these a lot, especially on smaller needles since I have found that the Susan Bates point protectors I spent 2 dollars for don’t stay on needles securely, and a little slice of rubber band with a tiny hole poked through it does a much better job of keeping everything in place whenever the sweater gets stuffed unceremoniously in the knitting bag.