Posted on August 22, 2004 at 4:53 pm

First of all, thanks to all the terrific suggestions for new additions to my Kid’s Knit Lit List (say that five times fast). I’ll have to update my Amazon Wish List.

And continuing thanks to all the great input on RoseAnn’s Perfect Yarn Store. There’s another week to go before the drawing, so if you’re just stumbling in and want to help make manifest a knitter’s heaven, post a comment to my August 16th entry below for a chance at some yummy Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock yarn.

Alison posted a comment to my blog today. I am always happy to have her drop by, I owe this whole blogging thing to her inspiration, after all. But I have the feeling that she is looking for a finished object for the linen drape along. Or maybe she was just checking in. Hovering or not, she would have seen that three weeks have passed since I cast off the last stitch, and I have not finished the seaming part of Jaipur yet.

I have been very good at knitting lately, but not so dedicated to the finishing of things. I think that I can lay this firmly at the feeet of Nancy Wiseman’s book, The Knitters Book of Finishing Techniques, because having examined it–nay exhausted it (thank goodness for spiral bindings)–I now know how far short of the invisible seam ideal I have been falling with my whip-stitching of pieces together. So now I am unable to just throw pieces together and call it wearable. Now I have to be careful, in good light, to pass my threaded needle through the correct number of sympathetic stitches for the virtually invisible result.
It’s boring.
But I have to admit, that every gawd-awful eyeball drying second of tedium is worth it. Eventually. Because seams do disappear. Edges look elegant. The sweater I took a month to make doesn’t look homemade.
But I hate every minute of it.
Which is why Jaipur is sitting in a half-done lump while I play with other things.
I’ve been spinning that corriedale roving I dyed back in June. I think that this may be the first thing I try to ply, but I can’t decide if I will ply it with itself, or with the rest of the roving that I didn’t dye at the time. I’ll end up with more yardage to knit with if I ply it with the plain roving. Hm, spinners? Any experienced opinions out there?

And I’ve been working on Tuja, having reached the part of the chart where I divided the front from the back. Sorry, Mom. I’m having too much fun to wait. how_to_habu
And I’ve been picking a row or so at a time at the Habu French Sleeve Cardigan. It is a very chic fabric. Crisp and very postmodern. As my dear friend John the Stylist would say, “Very Yojhi“.

And no, I haven’t finished the giraffe sweater either. Like I said, not finishing things lately. The boy won’t touch it. I wanted to try it on him, just to
make sure the neck had enough give it in it to get it over his elephantine
head, and he said “No, I don’t like that sweater” This from a child who
NEVER speaks in complete sentences unless they’re cribbed from one of his books. The 85 degree and 90% humidity might have something to do with his objections. I am trying not to take this personally.