Posted on May 20, 2005 at 12:57 pm

I can’t help myself.
I just have to knit some lace.  It may have something to do with Stephanie’s Chai silk shawl she was wearing over a t-shirt at the Elegant Ewe.  She just made the whole lace thing seem just so very possible, so very wearable.  As in everyday wearable, not just for knit events and special occasions, but for grocery shopping and eating warm meringues.   And when another knitter came into the shop wearing the same shawl but knit in a pinkish handpainted silk/merino Stephanie greeted her like a favorite shoe, a fellow lace knitter, a comrade in arms (the arms in this case being size 4 needles).   
It may also have something to do with my finally finding the right yarn for the Fiddlestick’s Peacock Feathers Shawl pattern I’ve been sitting on for a year: it’s Cherry Tree Hill Possum Lace in the River Run colour, which reads to me as peacock, even more so that their so-called Peacock colourway.  So I cast on yesterday, and here I am at row 35.


The things that I like about this pattern are how clearly written it is, and that so far, the number of the chart row corresponds to the number of stitches on either side of the middle marker. This is very handy for figuring out where I went wrong when I discover I’ve messed up.  Is it my chart reading for this row?(count the stitches, yep, right number, I messed up the chart reading, tink back to the beginning of this row) or do I not have the right number of stitches because I messed up the previous row? (wrong number of stitches, %&*@#  tink back three rows). I have yet to really settle into a chart reading method, but dashing across the row to the middle marker, breathing again and plunging into the second half of the row has gotten me this far.  It took until the 30th row before I could "read" my knitting and see what I’ve got going.  From here, it should get easier.

Famous last words, I know.

Deb is also knitting one right now, but she’s almost to the last chart. Go and admire it.

I humbly eat her dust.