Posted on October 18, 2004 at 2:44 pm

On Sunday, while my husband had twelve tube hi-fi guys from all over New England in the house to swap line stages and listen to reel to reel and vinyl, I knit a pair of baby booties. There is little more in this world that is more bewildering to a group of over-caffeinated high-end audio geeks than a woman knitting a pair of baby booties in their midst. I sensed the collective confusion early on, and I really enjoyed my affect on them. Nay, I exploited it and amused myself with their mystification. I washed some fleece, I knit on Birch, I did a little Intarsia, I wore yarn keeper bracelet for awhile. Finally, unable to resist the appeal of an obscure gadjet, one guy said, “What is that you’re doing? It’s called knitting, isn’t it?”

Guys are cute, non?

These are my first pair of baby booties. I knit them for my husband’s hairdresser, who just had a baby girl. He asked me on Friday if I would make something for her; he said “I have a haircut on Monday.” This I knew. He said “This will be my first haircut with Denise since she had her baby.” So I can’t wash fleece in the kitchen sink, but I can knit him something to take to his hairdresser. Yet I give the guy credit for knowing that it would be a very nice thing to show up for his haircut with something I had knit for the baby. I also give him credit for asking me in such a way that if I didn’t want to knit anything for his hairdresser’s baby, that I could just play dumb and not have to say no. But is there a knitter among us who wouldn’t be flattered by her husband’s request to make him a baby present? Since Friday left me two days to knit, even though I have been dying to knit Kate Gilbert’s delectable Samantha for a baby girl–any baby girl–and since I am no Yarn Harlot who knits whole Aran sweaters inside of two weeks, I defaulted to something small. I am embarrassed to say that they turned out huge. I think that the baby in question will be walking before they fit. As my first bootie, I trusted the pattern (which was a complete puzzle: knit, cast off, do some origami, surpize, it’s a bootie!). Were I ever to appempt these again, I think that I will have to cut the number of stitches by half. Had I more time (read this darling husband) I would have started over again and made them less than enormous. But thank you so much, my dear, for asking.