Posted on January 26, 2005 at 10:36 am

I have been wandering lately, looking over the projects I have in process, feeling vaguely dissatisfied with all of them, none of them particularly motivating, cute but not compelling.  Here it is, winter, snow and cold and great inspiration for making something warm, but I have no projects that get me out of bed in the morning.   I am spinning passionately.  That may be where all the love has gone. 
So I dug through my stash (I borrowed the snow shovel from the back porch during the one six hour period when it wasn’t snowing) and uncovered this.136

It’s a kit for the sweater on page 136 of Poetry in Stitches that I bought from Bea Ellis just before Christmas as a present for myself.  I am scared of the little stitches for a whole sweater on size 2s, but I managed the Linen Drape monster on size 3s, so how much worse can it be?  Answer: several steeks worse.  But I have pledges from several experienced souls that I can drop in any hour of the reasonable day with my completed knitting and a pair of scissors, and they will hold me down while I cut my own knitting. 

So while I plod through a plain black cardigan, while I turn heels of several socks, while I procrastinate on starting Nordic mittens I promised a friend that I would knit for her just like the ones I made for myself, but in pink and orange, I can quake in fear and anticipation of casting on.  I can lie in bed and dread the swatch, I can live in fear that a kit doesn’t have enough yarn in it to finish the project, I can admire Margene’s Lotus and wish I had the courage to follow her example.  Sure, Wendy tosses these things off in her sleep, but me?  I am a bear of great doubt in my ability to stay true to one project like this. 
But the yarn is here. 
I want to wear it. 
I want to knit it.
Will I cast on? 
Will there be pictures? 
Stay tuned, and see if I dare
                                    or if I just knit another sock.