Posted on September 29, 2004 at 2:58 pm

So I finished Clapotis, and subjected my Standard Poodle to model it for the camera. I figured one picture of me a month is more than my bandwidth can handle.

The finished size is 9×80, which I achieved by using most of four skeins of Kersti in colour #113, knitting only about 57 stitches across. If you think my stitch count seems wrong, it is, because I changed the increase side a little through an honest mistake: the original pattern had a typo that I took for gospel, and I never quite recovered from ripping it back.


And in a grand devil-may-care flourish in which I post three photographs in defiance of my disk capacity allowance (oh heck, it is the end of the month after all) I wanted to show you the wonderful thing about Clapotis that no one has told you about yet: the back is really cool too. What I particularly liked about the Kersti is that each little ladder thread is a different colour, and this photo shows you that pretty nicely.

I did do a little shopping yesterday. It has been about ten years since I was a regular at Wild and Wooly in Lexington, but they still remember me when I trundle in about twice a year. It’s such a nice thing to be welcomed with cheery hellos when you walk into a yarn store you love. I dipped in yesterday to buy one skein of Rowanspun and a size 9 addi needle, and I managed to leave with one skein of Rowanspun and a size 9 addi needle. Oh, and a copy of The Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns. But really, how often have I ever been able to muster the restraint to walk into a store as brimming with gorgeous yarn like Wild and Wooly–a store that has just received fresh shipments of Interlacements hand-dyed yarns, a store that has a display of Colinette that must be 25 feet long, a store that has Lorna’s Laces in three gauges and that Shaefer Helene that is so soft and that would make a fantastic and snuggly Clapotis for someone on my Christmas list–and manage to walk out with only one thing more than was on my shopping list? It must be because I am finally so very up to my eyeballs in stash and things to knit that I could actually convince myself that there will indeed be another day. Like maybe next Monday.