Posted on April 4, 2005 at 10:45 am

Is is just me, or does anyone else feel like daylight savings time just robbed them of a whole hour of knitting time this weekend? Lucky Margene live in Utah where they don’t celebrate DST.  She’s got a whole hour ahead of us from now until October.  I will try not to be jealous.

And speaking of Daylight:
I tried out several pinstripe methods on the Daylight Limited swatch.   What you see here from left to right is: three rows of white, with the first subsequent black row knit into the bottom of the stitch of the first white row; two rows of white with the second row knit in reverse stockinette; and on the bottom, plain old knit one white row.  I like the first one the best not only because it pops nicely, but it has the added benefit of adding some structure to the fabric, and since there won’t be any shoulder seams in this knit-in-one-piece sweater, it will act as a stabilizer along that line.  I have to locate a skein of red cotton fleece sometime soon, and a good chunky zipper.  The Boy is very excited about this project, asking me several times a day if I’m knitting the sweater, even when I am obviously making pancakes or reading the paper.  I think this is his way of pressuring me to hurry the hell up.

X_marks_the_spotOn the other knitting front, the Ballet Neck cardigan reached the shoulder seam moment on Saturday, and I balked at the grafting.  As you can see from this shaky picture, I managed to get the pattern to meet up, ahem, perfectly, but I need a stretch of peace and quiet for at least an hour I think to face this bear down.  Grafting will involve mimicking k2tog’s  and yo’s.  This might be the knitter’s equivalent of cliff diving.

Drum roll please.