Posted on May 26, 2004 at 9:38 am

Alison posted on her blog that I would post giraffe modifications for the Fiber Trends Felted Llama, and not one to make liars of my friends, I will offer the guidelines if people want them.  I’m a little uneasy about copyright issues, y’see.  It’s basically a matter of adding six stitches to each of the legs, narrowing the body four stitches altogether, and adding 25 rows to the neck.  The rest you can figure out for yourself, really.  For horns, I make an 3 stitch i-cord, and bind it tightly but for the very end which bulges slightly to look like the crown on the top of a typical giraffe’s horn.  If there’s demand for more details, I might email them.  I’ll show you more soon, but I’ve run out of the Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride yellow I am using.  Time to buy more yarn!

Did you know that the closest relative of the giraffe is the Okapi?
That there are several species of giraffes each with distinctive markings?
That giraffes have prehensile tongues?

I’ll leave you to ponder these on your own.