Posted on April 18, 2005 at 5:01 pm

So once I cast on for the daylight sweater for The Boy (32 inches around at 5 stitches to the inch divided by 2 for a front half and a back half equals 80 stitches) I knit until I came to where I thought I’d like to start the arm increases.  This is essentially going to be a Dolman sweater, knit in one piece.  I have two things to figure out at this point: Where do the stripes start? and how do I increase to shape the slant for the arm? There’s probably a more elegant way to work this out, but Ann Budd doesn’t cover Dolmans, and I don’t know any other way but to make a full-size paper pattern. 
I took a pullover of his that I like the fit of, and I made a real-size template of it out of newsprint. Then I drew a right-angle triangle around the underarm-to-wrist "hypotenuse".  I counted stitches:  the vertical line is 16 stitch rows high, and the horizontal from the underarm to the wrist is 60 stitches wide. I have 16 rows (or eight end-of-row opportunities to increase using the cable cast-on method)  to increase  60 stitches.  ( 60
 ÷ 8 = 7.5)  I rounded down to 7 stitches because cotton stretches, especially in sleeves, and I don’t need any extra length for a gorilla boy. 

So that’s where I am today.  I hope to make it to my first stripe tonight; you can see the math I did for the stripes right there on the pattern in sharpie.  I was trying to get a pleasing width of the overall stripe block: not too wide, not too skimpy.  It will be fun to get into the colours.