Posted on January 12, 2012 at 11:47 am

Many of you share my problem: that thing that seems to happen to women once they approach their middle years. Yes, that's right, the insomnia thing. Personally, I've always been a poor sleeper. I fall asleep easily enough, but staying asleep is impossible, and once I'm awake, I'm awake for hours. Mostly two, sometimes three.

The benefit to reliable wakefulness is that one can get a lot done in the middle of the night when the normal distractions are tucked away upstairs and all the things that might wake them up are switched off. I have — through years of experience — developed the acceptance that once I am awake, no manner of concentration or hope will change that for at leat the next hour or so. So I get up and do something with the time I have been given. In a way, it is a gift to be awake, because it is one of the few chances I have to be alone in this house.

These nights I am spinning away for my longed-for Kirigami. Spinning is perfect for middle of the night fiber activity since it is a quiet thing, and once the yarn is determined, essentially mindless. I am entertained enough by the shifting of the colors on the bobbin, in much the same way that as a child I would take a gobstopper out of my mouth every minute or so.





Pardon the shifting lighting conditions, but you get the idea. I'm only one more bobbin away from having the yarn I need to cast on, and while I dread waking up in the middle of the night, at least for now, I have something to look forward to when that happens.