Posted on May 8, 2005 at 7:20 pm

Step_momMiss C revealed her mother’s day gesture to me this afternoon: a sharpie tattoo that reads "Stepmom."  And she endured a picture-for-the-blog. 
Now that’s love.

It is only a few hours before our fellows return from Maryland with their bounty and we the house-bound are regaled for the next several days with all the stories, Harlot sitings, and personality profiles of other Bloggers in Real Life.  So, before they start with the nose rubbing, I just wanted to thank everyone of you who hung out with me and Sandy, and Margene, and Annie, and Kerstin, and Liz, and Colleen, and Deb, and Katy, and Laurie, and BookishWendy, and Emma, and Kim, (do I really need to link these guys?) and gosh, well, everyone else holding down the fort (Kate, I know you’re out there).  It was a great blog party, and it wouldn’t have been anything without the special Saturday (and some Sunday) content.  I won’t have anything much to say for a few days as I spend my blog time just reading through all the MDS$W stories, and try to finish up that green thing that I can’t seem to get any quality time with lately. So go on and have a nice few days, as I will, wishing we’d been there, and plotting how to make time for Rhinebeck come fall. Smooches to y’all,