Posted on January 17, 2005 at 8:19 pm

For two nights, I dreamt of spinning wheels.
I considered the price I might get for my Double Treadle Joy with extra bobbins and a carrying case, compared it to the cost of a new Tina II , and decided that I should call Ann Hennessey at the Wool Room in Antrim, New Hampshire and ask her to order one for me from Mr. Jensen.

I worried about it being Martin Luther King Day, but in New Hampshire (which only beat Utah by a year) everyone is open for business! 

Union_madeAnd get this: she had one in stock. 

And the Wonder Boy wanted to go for a big car ride!

Can you say planets in alignment?

And even better, when I got the box home and pulled everything out, I found a Union Made stamp on the bottom of the wheel.  It made my heart glad to buy something not only home grown, but also made in a union shop. 


The assembly was a snap, and even though I intend to finish this new baby of mine with three coats of danish oil as Ann suggested, I set up immediately in my corner to see how it treated the Ashland Bay Trading Co merino that has been making me crazy. 
It looks like someplace very far away from here, doesn’t it? 
The merino is behaving itself, thanks to this wheel.

I may not need to sleep tonight.