Posted on April 15, 2005 at 10:42 am

Tie_dye_singlesI’m excited about the up coming fiber fest season, (starting with the Denmark Sheepfest in Denmark, Maine this Saturday) and I’m trying to get a little ahead of my spinning stash so that I can justify the inevitable buying of more. 

Here’s the tie-dye roving on the wheel. In case you missed it as an addendum to my earlier post about the tie-dye kits, Emma and June let me know that soda ash is in fact very alkaline and would likely rot the wool if left untreated with an acid. I am trying to get this spun up quickly so I can wash the wool yet again in a vinegar solution, because I’m terrified that I’ve set myself up for ruin. I’ve become attatched to my little experiement, and I find myself caring about it.  The roving is delicious looking, so much so that my Dragon-slaying WarHammer-playing 15 year-old step-son  was admiring it last night.  He hardly ever offers such compliments, especially when it comes to things that are predominantly pink.  I was impressed.

As you can see, I have a bit of problem winding onto the spindle evenly, which is why I am secretly hoping for a Woolee Winder for my birthday next month. Well, it’s not exactly a secret, but I have given my husband carefully crafted hints that I would like this as a present, without letting him know that it wasn’t his idea.   I saw one at work on a Louet wheel at the NETA Spa, and have yearned for one ever since.  I had a particularly difficult time when I was navajo plying remembering to move the ply from hook to hook on my flyer, and the spindle got all loaded up at one end and the windings collapsed making a dreadful-looking tangle. The woolee-winder is gear driven flyer and smoothly distributes your yarn across the spindle so that you pack more on there, and you don’t have to ever stop to check.  It’s mesmerizing to watch.  I balk at having to buy all new spindles because they are specialized for the winder, but that’s what makes it such a perfect present!  So if you talk to my husband, you can tell him that, but don’t let him know that I put you up to it.  😉