Posted on January 15, 2005 at 8:25 pm

On Saturday, I went with Fireballhead Kim and my other close knitting chum Kathy to Portsmouth for the NETA Afghan Joining Party.  NETA adopted The Ships Project as a group effort, and this afghan is raffled to generate postage for sending the hats to our kids in the Gulf (remember friends, you can hate the war but love our troops)  I forgot my camera, but Helen–our list mom–posted a slideshow of the day’s general  stitching and spinning, including the elite afghan team putting together the afghan.  Eagle eye blog watchers will recognize Woolen Rabbit Kim in the first and last pic (in gray cardigan and beautiful red hair) studying the aesthetics of the arrangement.
Where was I? At the food table, ‘natch. Third picture from the end of the slide show.  That’s me with the hair goofy non-Sarah Jessica Parker hair and the floral scarf over a brown vest I have to take in: it’s from my "Huge is Good" knitting period.  Also visible is Fireballhead Kim about halfway through in a chartreause poncho, and Woolybuns Chris at the food table with me, asking "Where’s the chocolate?"

Later: A Portsmouth Herald reporter did come to check us out, and this is the article she wrote about us.

Spinning things I learned today:

1. Some people who have been spinning for a shorter calendar span than I have are already knitting their second sweaters (in lace no less) in their own handspun.
2. You can ply a spinning sample with a friend just like you fold king-size sheets.  You take the two ends while your friend finds the middle, you both flick the plys together by stroking your pinched fingers over the yarn as you walk toward each other and voila, 12 feet of plied yarn!
3. Even though I like my Ashford Joy, several people today who probably know a lot more about these things than I do observed that I looked uncomfortable, and that I would do well to look for a wheel with a taller orifice (do not read that sentence out loud to your husband, please).  I was treated to a spin at Mary’s Tina II which was handy and– oddly enough–has a taller orifice than my Joy, and guess what?
4. I can do a long draw without even trying too hard if I have the right wheel. 
5. I want a Tina. 

Are you surprised?