Posted on February 3, 2011 at 8:04 pm

There's a guy on my local newscast I want to tell you about. He's been on WCVB Channel 5 for as long as I have lived in Boston, which if you're keeping track is about as long as the Olsen Twins have been alive. Jorge Quiroga is a true pro, always standing stoic and calm in Boston's less than gentrified neighborhoods, squinting into the klieg lights of the camera crew delivering his report of how that day's poor soul met his maker, or what a local group of scrappy boot-strapping teens have done for the spirit of their neighbors with their community garden, or what have you. He's not a tall man, from what I can gather, but he is always firmly planted, and has a certain avuncular quality about him. His news may be good or bad, but it's just the way it is: life according to Jorge.


Local reporters are all their own stylists. They buy their own coats, choose their own jewelry, and in the winter, they add hats and scarves into the mix. Like those chosen by visiting royalty, reporter's hats need to leave the face unobstructed and not flap about or get in the way of the reporter if they want to stomp in the slush to make a point, or stand expectantly outside a door awaiting comment. We need to see the reporter's face and be able read their eyes for empathy or bemusement. Hats are critical.


It was about ten years ago that I noted that Jorge usually wears a beanie during his outside reports in the winter. Since his hairline fled, Jorge sports a very round head, so the beanie is probably the best choice for him, and he seems to have about as many of them as Elton John has eyeglasses. I like a lot of them, but I have to wonder: would he like a handknit one? Would he wear it on camera? The evidence would seem to suggest that he might.


I am the kind of person to write a note of appreciation now and then, thank you's for parties, unexpected gestures, yarn in the mail, stuff like that. But I'm not so effusive that I would haul off and knit something for just anyone. But here on the kniternet, we talk all the time about "representing" to the world of non-knitters, and it seems to me that here is a good opportunity.  I can show my local knit hat-loving reporter a little appreciation for his reliable and steady work for so many years, and also let him know that there's a knitter or two out here, and we're just silly enough to send him a hat.

So tell me, do you have a local newscaster worthy of such a gesture? What hat should I knit for him?  Turn a Square? Koolhaas? Struan? Do you live in Boston and want to join me in knitting for Jorge? (and, um, is it okay to knit bomb a reporter?)