Posted on April 13, 2004 at 12:27 pm

I love the little buzz I get from finishing something, and I’ve been finishing a lot of things lately.  Last week I filed my completed Rogue photo with the Yahoo Rogue Along and Stephanie made me a scarlett woman!


The picture is small because I am vain, and this is a terrible picture of me; it’s more Jenny Craig than Rowan, if you know what I mean.

So I’m all a twitter with what’s next.  A girl can hardly sleep.  I’ve cleaned out my knitting bags and filed away all the needles I had out, rolled up the yarn leftovers and threw them in no particular order into the general vicinity of my stash, or at least one pile that seems to have evolved this winter in my office as a sort of staging area for my stash.  We’ll call it Son of Stash. 

Hidden in there are several balls of that new stretchy Ringel sock yarn, a vest’s worth of Silk Garden, about 1700 yards of Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks’ Kid Merino I special ordered from Circles thinking it would be Rogue but found I couldn’t wait, Two-Ply from Virtual Yarn destined to be my first real fair-isle, and some Phildar Legende waiting to be a jacket next fall for the little guy.  Anyway, you get the idea.  So I’ve whittled one project out of the pack and tackled it.  What do I do next?

I was in Harvard Square yesterday meeting a friend for lunch.  I tried to make it back to my car.  Honestly.  I even had my car keys out.  I knew there were people waiting for me at home.  I was meeting a contractor at 3:00pm.   But I could not achieve escape velocity as I passed Woolcott & Co.  It was only seconds later that I found myself up to the elbows in Koigu.


Ah, better than chocolate. 

I missed Nicki (one of the only yarn shop owners who is as colourful as her Yarn) since it was Monday, her day off.  But the place was abuzz, and festooned with inspiring completed objects and baskets of handpaints that makes Noro look like the ugly stepsister. 

Two you say.  The title says "Buy Two".  What did I buy?


This is bad.  I don’t even know what I’m going to do with this.  I may just sleep with it, like a teddy bear.

I have kept some of my sanity.  I have started something from the top of the Son of Stash pile in my office.  For  Alison’s Linen Drape knit-along:


I’m cheating a bit.  The pattern is for Jaipur from Rowan#33, and it calls for Linen Drape.  D***d if I couldn’t find any of the yarn, so I substituted a yarn I’ve been wanting to work with that just happens to be the same guage.  This is Silky Wool, and the colour is actually more of a teal than the picture shows.  It’s making an elegant fabric: thin, with a nice body to it.  I think it will be very flattering for the proportions of Jaipur.

Tonight is Tuesday.  I get to go knit with the gang at the Library.