Posted on April 19, 2004 at 11:19 am

Yesterday I had a real treat.  Kimberly kidnapped me for the afternoon and took me to A Good Yarn for little splurge where I met Johanna in person (yeah!)  I fell in love with the shop, having NEVER been there before.  It is a real candy store of a yarn shop, and I managed to do a little stash enhancement; but no impulse yarn, only material for planned projects.  I was pretty well-behaved.  Johanna was swatching the new Elsebeth Lavold yarn, Cotton Patine, and just swooning over how nicely it works up.  I resisted–for now–try as Johanna might to get me to take some home.  I accused her of being a yarn pusher.  All in good humour.

And as if that weren’t a treat enough, Kim then took me to the Knitsmiths group.  There were several freshly finished Everyday Cardigans on display, including Dava‘s sprinkled with fun little buttons (an idea I am definitely going to steal), while Colleen was sporting a very chic and becoming Side to Side Ribbon Pullover from the latest Interweave Knits.  They seem a little quiet, but Kim assures me that they are usually a raucous bunch.  It is a bookstore, after all: people are reading Barthes, for Heaven’s sake.

It seems that good company and beautiful work are the standard in Brookline.  Thanks ladies for welcoming lil’ old pushy me.

I finished the dinosaur after much grafting and engineering of the hood shaping.  Will wore it to bed last night.  What more could a knitter ask?

Here he is first thing this morning:

I am pleased.  I bought more OleOle in purple at A Good Yarn to revise and simplify as a gift for my college roomate’s little boy, Ben.  I have to get those decreases tidier this time around too.  I also have an idea for a dino sweater in the same yarn.  A stegosaurus this time.