Posted on November 3, 2004 at 4:08 pm

I wasn’t going to post today.
I woke up this morning feeling like maybe I wouldn’t ever leave my house again.
But then I embraced the small consolation that almost half of the country–give or take 3 million–agrees with me on some things, and that I do after all live in Massachusetts, and that if all hell breaks loose, we could make a break for Vermont or New Brunswick and be on free ground inside of seven hours.

(so if this blog should suddenly go awol, just assume that I’m setting up shop in Gagetown, NB with a flock of Romneys and an Alpaca or two.)

But on to knitting. . .
Knitters know about time. We accumulate stash as a direct defiance to it, we make bargains between it and our capabilities (except for Harlot, who clearly possesses a quantum doorway to a parallel universe where she goes to knit Rhinebeck sweaters and baby gifts), we wish that there was more of it in any given day so that we could do the things we have to do (knit, spin, recalculate that neckline bind-off, surf for cheaper Noro) and still have time for the things we want to do (get the kids to soccer practice, eat, knit something extra).

But all this is prelude to this:
When I set out to knit Birch, I whipped off the first of this three skein project in less than a week. I found the lace pattern simple to follow and the resulting lace easy to read from row to row. At first, with 299 stitches to start, it took me about half and hour to finish each row. And the yarn disappeared quickly. I was about four inches into the shawl before I had to switch to my second ball of the kidsilk haze. But then something funny happened. I remember distinctly thinking that I would be finished in no time. I was going to blow my fellow Kerstin‘s June 2nd costume tableau with Charlotte. But this I have decided: it will make a nice burkah in a few months when the Fundamentalists declare marshall law and the Family Values Police lock us all away.

See y’all in Gagetown!