Posted on October 30, 2014 at 2:12 pm

So this happened after I pushed the publish button for Shepherdess last Saturday. If you don’t know right away what it is you’re looking at, it’s a post on Vogue Knitting’s Facebook page, which all by itself is a wonderful huge thing.


Untitled 4

But if that weren’t cake enough for a designer to have a popular magazine highlight an independently published pattern, the icing has to be the numbers: 372 Shares, and 2684 Likes.

That’s a wee bit frightening. And thrilling, I can’t forget the thrilling part. But wow. Vogue Knitting’s Facebook page reaches over 177,000 people, so this might be the widest internet audience I’ve ever had. I’m so grateful to editor Trisha Malcolm for picking up on the sweater, and to the knitters who came over to take a look. And of course, some people bought the pattern. I’m hoping to see projects pop up on Ravelry soon, but according my sales page it looks like about half the people who bought the pattern don’t even have Ravelry accounts (yet). As part of this experience, I had a few hand holding sessions over email with knitters who had never purchased a pattern download before. Lesson here? The internet is still a wide open territory for knitters, my friends.