Posted on June 10, 2005 at 5:03 am

I just want it be known that while I have signed on for the Summer of Lace because I am after all knitting lace, that while some people might think I am sheep-like in my following the crowd, Kate and I co-hosted a Lace-along LAST summer and we’d just like to take credit for all the lace everyone is knitting at the moment.  Yep, we thought of that. You can thank me by pretending that I am mildy amusing.

And I also want Lauren to know that she is not alone with her Homespun blankie: I’m knitting a big hunk of a goddess wrap for a wool-sensitive friend out of aubergine-coloured Lion Brand Thick n’ Quick. It’s true.  The gals at Knit Club all gasped when I took it out of my bag. Fireballhead Kim looked at me like I had gutted and cleaned a squirrel right there on the table.  "What is that?" she asked.  It’s not like I’m an avowed and publicly declared yarn snob (okay: I joined ssrp . . . but wait . . )  the surprise has more to do with the image of my knitting with Thick n’ Quick.  First of all, there’s a contraction in the name of the yarn, and being cynical, I am antagonized by such signifiers of "cuteness" and non-threatening-ness in a product.  It’s targeted at people who are afraid of yarn.  Can there be such people?  Can you imagine me being one of them?  As my friend Kathy said when I called her last week explaining that I had just been out shopping with the Divine Miss C at the mall:   HAHAHAHA–You at the mall?–heeheeheeeHAHAHAHA.  But you know?  It’s not so bad.  It’s actually kinda chenille-y and, uh, cute.

Img_2701 I am reveling in how un-koigu like it is.  It is the antithesis of all things about wool that I love, but it’s not a bad knit.   In fact, it’s kind of fun as the chenille twists around and gives me a little pet as it slips up into the stitch, like a loving dog retreating into its crate.  The colour is darker and more grape koolaid-ike than the vibrant violet you see in the picture (I have to get a camera that does justice to such things).

I am making a giant version of Catherine Lowe’s ingenious Garter Stitch Wrap from Scarf Style: basically four triangles sewn points together with one seam left open for fabulous goddess-like draping effects, as my friend is all that.  Just picture a jasmine-scented pissed-off Earth Mommy who jingles when she walks from all the silver bells around her ankles and is an expert on food ethnographies and makes a mean tapenade.  That’s my Netta.  She doesn’t read the blog, so I can share with you my anticipation of her glee when I present this knitted armature in time for her August birthday.  It might weigh a ton, but I know she can handle it.

So today Kathy and I pack off to Fiber Frolic and class tomorrow with Alden Amos (not to be confused with the marathon session on Sunday at Bay Colony Farm).  We’re planning on meeting up with Kristen sometime, and hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow night in time to put the Boy to bed. 

On Sunday, I’ll launch my yarn sale.  I have the photo album all loaded and ready to go, so if you’re twiddling your mouse fingers Sunday, come check it out.