Posted on December 20, 2004 at 4:48 pm

HoorayAnd not just any yarn, but the Jamieson in colour Port Wine wanting for the final lap of the Floral Felted bag.  Here is a picture of the skein lounging about the office floor, getting acquainted with the bag before they are united ’till hazardous felting procedure or ravenous goat do them part.

So in spite of socks in process and all the promises I’ve made to myself, guess which project goes to the front of the queue?  The suspense has been killing me, waiting for this yarn. It’s been like reading through an Encyclopedia Brown adventure only to find the last page is missing!  Will the bag survive the felting procedure?  Sure, I can knit, but can I follow Nancy Epstein’s very-specific-to-this-bag felting instructions?

I wish I could say that Woodland Woolworks deserves my adulation for delivering this much anticipated skein, but they took my order for this and a couple of skeins of Wildfoote in both black and white I had intended to knit into pirate socks (motif to be borrowed from Lisa‘s cool Dias de las Muertas vest for her sister) for the 14 year old.  In spite of the website telling me that they had this colour, WW only told me that 3/4 of my yarn was back-ordered when the shipment arrived without even the Jamieson, the whole reason I ordered from them in the first place (No, that noise isn’t the doorbell, it’s the sonic boom finally reaching your house from when I was yelling this at my computer as I wrote it).  And no pirate socks to show for this ordeal either.  Didn’t I already have this problem with them?  Didn’t I promise myself that I would only order from them over the phone.  Why did I fall for this again?  Because I forgot that their website does not disclose whether or not they have what you want IN STOCK. 
Yeah, critical detail, that.