Posted on March 20, 2011 at 3:38 pm

It's beginning to feel more and more like spring around here.  I have crocuses blooming in the front yard and it actually reached 70 on the back patio last week. The Red Sox are in spring training, the tree guy came by looking for work, and the sap buckets are hanging around the Artichoke Reservoir. I have one more hat to register with the blog before I put wintery projects away for the season.


At Yarns in the Farms last week, during a wicked fun and very crowded Yarn Crawl, there wasn't a kitchen to clean up (which is the thing I usually do at loud parties to ground myself), so I knit this hat instead. It's a bit of my handspun and a little Ecological Wool. I used the Urgent Hat (hee, it's a Ravelry link!), worked out the heavy worsted gauge for the numbers (CO 100 sts for a finished size of 23" and followed the decreases substituting k8, k2tog for the first decrease, worked the decrease pogression according to the pattern from there), and flipped the hat inside out about halfway through, just for fun. I liked how it turned out a lot, especially since it feels more cloche-like than the first flopping one I made. I threw this one on the boy the other day at school because he left his at home on the day of their BSW (big spring walk), and it looked nice on him too. I may have to make a bunch more of these.

On the Jorge front: no sign he's going to wear the hat. It's been kind of warm, and anyway, I made a bet with my husband that the guy thinks that knitters who send such gifts can only be crazy, and who knows what encouraging any of us might invite into his day? That's the world we live in, folks.

Maybe Rhondella would like a scarf?