Posted on May 14, 2005 at 5:08 am

Teresa_w_birchYesterday, a school day, a day that requires as much magnanimity of an Albert Schweitzer that two  adults can muster, two cars, and the choreography of George Balanchine to land three kids at three different germ pools schools and home again, my husband gave me the final installment of my birthday present.

I got the afternoon off to go to Concord, New Hampshire to drive up with Teresa to meet Norma and Cassie, and to get Stephanie to sign my bookbookbook.

See_the_giraffeI learned a lot about the world yesterday.
I learned that as a yarn destination, The Elegant Ewe is worth every minute of the hour and a half drive that it is from my house.

I learned that in New Hampshire, it is perfectly acceptable to open up a Adult Toy store across from the State House.

I learned that pelvic floor exercisers come in candy colours, with sparkles.   

I learned a lot about the charm of the Newfoundlander dialect that I never was exposed to even when I actually lived in the Atlantic Provinces, and how to say "I’m so hungry I could eat the arse-end off a flying duck"

Actual_sizeI learned that Cassie’s Icelandic shawl is the greatest jive in recent blog memory because — while it is truly beautiful — this is how big it is in real life. 

I learned that you can almost tell what the nuances of a "bonfire" colourway of fiber might be by the light in a car trunk at ten o’clock at night.

I learned that it is indeed possible to be a good judge of character when you’ve read someone’s blog for a year, and that when you finally get to meet all of them in person and they are in fact as funny and friendly and full of stories and wonderful turns of phrase as you suspected, that all can feel right with the world for a few hours. 

I learned that Concord sets off fireworks for mysterious reasons, but when the company you keep is worth celebrating–that they can feel personal. Oooooh