Posted on September 19, 2004 at 6:39 pm

Halfway there with Clapotis. I highly recommend knitting one of these, because every ten minutes or so, there’s an ‘event” when you can stop what you’re doing, and rip a row of stitches.

It’s cathartic.
It’s like pumping your fist in the air at a hockey game.
It’s like riding on the back of a motorcycle without a helmet.
It’s like rubbing wedding cake in your husband’s face.
It’s like dipping your hair in the tie-dye bath.
It’s like putting the pancake batter ladle directly on the counter between batches.
It’s like making rooster faces out of the shampoo suds in your kid’s hair.

Okay, so my forms of rebellion have become somewhat less Angelina Jolie and more Jane Kaczmarek as the years have gone by. I connect with my former fist-pumping-helmet-shirking-tatoo-considering self whenever I can, but in ways that don’t interfere with my kid getting into the right pre-school. You know what I mean? Which is why knitting this scarf is so important to me. It’s living life, man; or something like it.