Posted on August 3, 2011 at 9:56 am

But not a lot to show for it.

My inventory of what I have made so far this year has a paltry sum to show for all the work that went into it. I realize that out of the last seven sweaters that I've started, I have finished, um, uh, one.

It may be the lowest work to success ratios in the history of knitting.

Primrose Path has sat ready for the armseye seams for over a year. Yesterday, I finally pinned and started in on that task.


There was the Blue Heron Hourglass Sweater that took so long to show progress that I got bored and cast on something new. I picked it up again for awhile, but got side tracked again for the same reasons as before.


There was Hallett's Ledge, which despite my enthusiasm for the knitting, was foiled by a farm yarn label that told me there was more yarn than there was. Considering the current vogue for short sleeve sweaters, I may revisit this sometime soon to reevaluate.


There was the giant green Berroco Pinot sweater that I second guessed all the way into the UFO pile, since I ripped and reknit it twice, only to still wonder if the instructions could be leading me to a different sweater than what I thought it was.


There is Vitamin D that stalled after I divided for the arms, and now daunts me with many short rows. I'm currently knuckled down and working through those, and light is shining at the end of the tunnel. We could have a sweater before too long, if only as an existential gesture of defiance.


And there is a sweater that you will be seeing soon that is my only success for the last few months. Nothing like a publishing deadline to get you to follow through on something.

So if ever you feel as a knitter that you're getting nowhere, that you knit and reknit something only to put it down in frustration, remember me.

OR if you ever have a partner who asks you why you need more than one size 6 addi turbo, show them this post.