Posted on March 21, 2014 at 2:18 pm

This has been a week of emotional variety. Personal highs and lows aside, all of it has been overshadowed for me by last Friday when I learned that an idol of mine, the fashion designer L’Wren Scott, killed herself. It was an additional cruelty that the media reduced her, a beautiful and talented women, to the footnote status of “Mick Jagger’s girlfriend”, often neglecting to even mention her name in covering her suicide. Take care, my darling, that no matter what you may achieve in life, be it fame, the respect of your entire industry, and a comet of beautiful work trailing behind you, you will still be glossed over at the bottom of the news as some rock star’s girlfriend.

L'Wren Scott, who killed herself in New York on Monday.

Why she faced her future in the way that she did remains a mystery it seems to even those closest to her. There are rumors of debt, a possible row with her long-time boyfriend, and who knows what else, but all of it reduced to ashes in the choice she made. I am always upset whenever a creative and expressive person leaves us, and especially crushed when they do it by their own choice. She was a talented designer with a rare and specific point of view; she dressed women to celebrate their grace and beauty, and she had only a huge huge future, which now will never unfold. Go look at her Spring 2014 show if you want a taste of her talent.

Her name was L’Wren Scott, and she was amazing.