Posted on February 25, 2005 at 2:31 pm

You may have noticed that I have been sporting the Mason Dixon Afghan Sewing Bee logo in my left sidebar for a few months now, and here we are, a week away, and Kay did email me today to confirm that she is indeed going to make it here and bring the squares with her.  That’s how certain she is that she can make it.  My little knitting community here in Newburyport is all a-tither about the occasion, and we’re warming up our Chibis.  I have a few little suprises for the day, and I can’t wait to meet the people I only know through this blog who have said they were coming.  If you think you might like to swing by, email me and I’ll send you directions.

Meanwhile, now that I’ve tucked the new fiber away (who am I kidding; the stuff’s still all over the living room.  I still have yarn hanging over the office door like a drying beach towel from the last time I bought stuff) I can share some of my actual knitting news.  Behold, a completed object!:


Noro Blossom Vest in a nice basketweave pattern that really shows off the yarn, from Noro Book volume 15.  I cast on for this last April, and finally started the left front last week, sewed the buttons on last night.  Part of my problem with finishing this one was not so much that I ran out of yarn long before where I should have, but was that I could never find all of it. I guess I need a better filing system than just throwing finished pieces into plastic grocery bags.