Posted on May 12, 2004 at 3:28 pm


It took awhile to seam the raglans neatly.  I ended up pulling out a single ply of the yarn to seam with because the Superchunk is just too cumbersome a thread to stitch with.  Matching stitch to stitch took awhile too, but it was necessary, because at a gauge this big every mistake is advertised. 

But here we are with all the collar stitches picked up and halfway done.  No worries.  I guess I could have worked it in the round, but I was impatient to start knitting on it again.  One more seam would have broken me, I tell you.

Oh, and an aside.  I ordered yarn for a much desired project from Woodland Woolworks a month ago, and waited patiently for it.  I finally called them yesterday, and it took the beleaguered Internet manager ten minutes to figure out what had happened to my order.  It turned out that I had ordered a discontinued colour, but were they planning on letting me know? Nope. This is not a flame.  It’s just a cautionary tale.  She was very very nice about it.  Apology accepted.  Next time I’ll phone my order in, though.