Posted on June 24, 2004 at 10:39 am

messy_mess_messThanks everyone for the input.  There was for awhile a clear majority, which seems to be slipping at the contrarians weigh in with their persuasive ideas about it.  As for myself, I still haven’t made a decision.  As I wrote in repy to Sharon‘s comment, I was thinking that the pattern carried over on the sleeves seem be a little dated, (the pattern is from the early 90’s) and I had been looking at The Poetry in Stitches book where many of the sweaters I especially covet have sleeves with the colourway reversed from the body, and I thought. . .a-hah!  Sleeves that don’t match! I can cheat!

However, with brooding indecision, I tried last night to pull the cast-off shoulder edges apart so that I could at least do a three-needle bind-off to really solidify the seams of what will otherwise most certainly stretch out of shape.  But I couldn’t figure out which direction I had knit from at any given point, so I ended up having to re-knit everything north of the first neck decreases.  I had my head down in concentration and my fingers going and I completely lost track of time.  Walter made dinner, and ran through News Hour and the previous night’s Daily Show on the Tivo without my looking up once.

Walter finally said to me at 10:40, "Are you going to eat dinner? Or should I spoon it into your mouth for you?"

One cold chicken pot pie and a glass of warm Chinon later, I finally packed it in around midnight.  I think already need some distance.

In case anyone is interested, the gloves I am hell-bent on making are the ones that I saw on the French Julia’s website, made in orange and red mini-Ringel.  I have the winter 2003 Interweave Knits glove formula dug out to help me with the math.  I have decided, on Margene‘s encouragement, to make them sooner rather than later.  They’ll be the treat knitting I take with me on vacation.

And on a refreshing non-narcissistic note, Kate and I have several new Lace-Alongers to welcome, like Christy who has pledged to make Stephanie the Harlot’s Snowdrop Shawl.

There are more, but they are Kate‘s readers, and she is eating her dinner (it’s later in France, you know) and will clue me in soon as to their identities.  She is a busy woman, that woman.  Designing, educating petits francophones, blogging, planning a wedding, and all while living in Paris.  ::Sigh::  I just feel a little more cosmopolitan when I read her blog.   

Okay, Kate, you can laugh now.