Posted on April 17, 2013 at 12:17 pm

I know your head is not in the winter game at the moment, you're probably over the whole snow and cold thing. But hey, you gotta knit something, right?

Why not mittens for next winter?


Hiro mittens, of course. I've been meaning to knit some ever since I first made the sweater. They took me almost no time at all, they're like candy knitting, really.

What these are best for is the whole impulse yarn buying you're going to be up to in the next few months, what with all the sheep and fiber festivals that dominate the calendar over the summer. I know you're going to be fondling some pretty yarns in some lovely indie dyer's booth. Maybe you'll be standing in front of the irresistible wall of superwash in the Mad Color booth at New Hampshire Sheep and Wool, for example (May 11 &12th). There you are, looking at the colors together, wanting yarn, but feeling like socks or "a hat" just won't capture the giddy joy of all of Heather's colors when they are dancing together like they do on the wall of happy yarn. You're going to want this pattern handy, if only to justify the three skeins you had to have but don't know what to knit with.

So put this one in your arsenal. It's mitten season.