Posted on March 3, 2012 at 11:55 am

I just ordered a print of this perfect cartoon:


Used here with the kind permission of Pascal Wyse (click here for a better view of the original cartoon on The site)

The story behind this Berger & Wyse cartoon began with the Muckle Mitts by MaryJane Mucklestone that Joe Berger's wife, Charlotte, knit (she has a lovely blog too) which he cribbed for the background.

They seem to be the first stranded work Charlotte ever tried. I think they came out brilliantly. Check them out here on her Ravelry page.

The Berger family — like me — lives with an unwelcome moth problem. It's a knitter's nightmare, and clearly the spectre of moth damage haunts their every move. In Pascal Wyse's email response to my asking if I could borrow this for my own blog, he told me this story:


"If you look closely at the image on the home page of our website, you'll notice a moth flying from Joe's dinner jacket.


"When we went to LA to (not) win an Emmy we were nominated for, the moth travelled with us all the way from the UK, and flew out in the hotel when Joe unpacked his jacket in the hotel. I assume the moth is doing well in LA, but we never hear from him … "

It's hard not to imagine a whole generation of moths with English accents dining on vintage couture in LA. Suppose their dad tells them stories at night of Shetland wool?