Posted on September 8, 2013 at 5:31 pm

The kind of knitting I do has gradually changed over the last year or so, as I have been knitting less and less for my own body, and knit more and more for other bodies. Magazine samples are usually small for reasons that I am sure have to do with the economic amount of yarn involved (as companies provide yarn gratis in exchange for the exposure) and for the prevailing editorial opinion that slim models show the sweater in a “neutral” light, without curves or boobs or anythings else that might require imagination on the part of the knitter to see themselves in that sweater.

There is – of course – a lot more to that sentence, but we shall talk about that another time.

Even with the tiny sweaters, I still have less time to knit for my own self. Granted, I am NOT complaining: I am grateful there are editors in the world who like my work. But between now and Rhinebeck – the annual gathering of the wool – while I have precious little time to get a sweater finished, I am determined to have this one done by then:


This one is called Mindy, and I released it early this year. I sent the original back to Lorna’s Laces who provided the yarn since they were so happy with it. It lives in their trunk show now, and I am sure it is well-loved. They kindly sent me replacement yarn in the color of my choice – Patina:


I have two sleeves and this much of the left front done so far, and like normal people (those people who don’t knit all day long), I can probably only fit this in after dinner. But lucky for me, I am a bit speedy and have managed this much of the front this week. I should have time to get it done, even with all the other obligations I have for the needles.

Wish me luck and cool Rhinebeck temperatures. There’s nothing quite so disappointing as getting a Rhinebeck sweater finished in the nick of time, only to have it squall or bake that weekend. Am I right?

What will you be knitting for Rhinebeck?