Posted on November 6, 2014 at 1:24 am

I know I’m becoming the kind of knitter who only blogs when there’s something finished to show, but that’s because it’s really been a year of editorial and collection knitting, so everything has had to be secret-ish.

Happily, today’s a published sweater pattern day, so I have something to dance on the piano about. This:


This pattern is called Oxford, and it’s included in Classic Elite Yarns’ November book, North River. It’s a top-down saddle shoulder Aran that features a circle cable motif I came up with in my doodling. Here the cable in a single repeat and bracketed on the arm:


And when it’s grouped with many other repeats of its kind, it creates a wonderful repeat of ogee motifs that was quite unanticipated when I started knitting, but now find to be my favorite part of the sweater.


See how the interlocking circles do that? Totally a happy accident. The pattern might look familiar if you follow my Instagram account, as it was showing up in green as my Rhinebeck sweater. Evidence:


Knitting it the second time, I really enjoyed the rhythm of the cables, congratulating myself a little on getting all the crossing rows lined up in logical sequences, like you do. I made for myself a size with a lot of positive ease for a couple of reasons, mostly because I don’t like tight sweaters. This one has ribbing which gives the impression of “fit” across a wider range, and because it’s super stretchy, it doesn’t look like there’s technically 6″ of positive ease in there. I think a knitter will find it very forgiving when they choose a finished size.


Thanks to Alpenglow Carrie and Sincere Sheep Brooke for their ‘gramming of the sweater in action over the Rhinebeck weekend.


Vital Statistics:

Oxford in Color by Kristin.

Finished Measurements: Bust: 31¾ (36¼, 39¾, 44¼, 48, 51½)”; Length: 25 (25¾, 26¼, 26¾, 27¼, 27¾)”
Yarn: 13 (15, 16 (18, 19, 21) balls  Book sample knit in #3232 Raspberry, personal version knit in #3235 Lady’s Mantle.