Posted on October 25, 2014 at 11:46 am

Awhile ago, I published a baby sweater that I am happy to say has made its way into many new families. Welcome to the Flock has been knit in many colors and sizes, and knitters tell me that once they make one, they go on to make more, often in progressive sizes for the same baby so that they might never be without their sheepie necklace. Knitters have also asked me if I wouldn’t write up a pattern for the grown up version. So I did.


I’m calling it Shepherdess. It’s a bottom up seamless yoke cardigan, with sheep (d’uh). The pattern is written to be worked flat, but there’s helpful hints if you want to steek it. IMG_0160

I’m also rather pleased in the range of sizes this one comes in, from 30 to 60″. It’s written for worsted weight yarn, like the wonderful Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepherd’s Wool it’s knit in, but I’m also rather partial to Sincere Sheep’s Shepherdess Worsted, which the sweater takes its name from.


Thanks to the many hands who helped me fit this into my busy year: to Stacie Dolin for her beautiful knitting, to Kate Atherley for fitting my technical editing into her own crammed schedule, and to Julie Matthews who did the layout and freshened up my pattern template to make this extra friendly. I hope you like it.

Available to purchase on Ravelry