Posted on May 9, 2004 at 8:08 pm

Shirt worn by Sue, owner of Hodgepodge Handicrafts

A birthday gift from my husband : a perfect spring day, all to myself, in a pastoral New England setting accompanied by Sheep, their humans, and some mad money.

First, I found the Fleece to Shawl Competition to cheer for my friend Beth.  There were several faces familiar to me amoung the teams, and I received much friendly advice about spinning from everybody.  I swear this spinning thing is some kind of Walmart: "Come," spinners say breathily."Be with us!"  The Borderline Spinners won with their woven lavender stole.  I gather from their display of ribbons and the concentration they maintained during the race and the beauty of their final product that they win these things alot.

Quickly now, since I’m running out of time for this post, I missed Kerstin but met up withTeresa, also sporting her lovely Rogue (in Green Mountain Spinnery Mountain Mohair, a perfection confection!).   We worked through some of the vendor barns, but it was hard to go far before tripping over this or that thing to be admired, yarn, rovings, books and patterns, friendly strangers and fibre friends and wheels to spin on.  I tried several wheels, including a Majacraft Rose and an Ashford Traveller, and I got to spin on a Golding Garden of Eden Wheel.

I’ll have to post more later when I’ll have some pictures to share of some of the many beautiful sweaters I saw being worn by knitters and their friends.  Wait until you see ’em.