Posted on November 10, 2004 at 2:21 pm


I have hit a few obstacles to my promise I made to myself to finish a few projects, so I am shelving the UFO program for the moment until I get my hands on the appropriate yarns, and starting in on something I’ve had in the stash for a little while.  And here’s the sleeve, in Silk Garden # 88.  Yes, it’s true, while everyone else is merrily whipping off Butterflies and Karalunds, I’m still stuck on the first Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton book, but remember that I am the knitter who is still lusting after Rowan  #28.  So I feel like maybe I’m catching up a bit.

And speaking of catching up, I have been preoccupied with some unhappy family business lately, so I was surprised last night when talk around the Tuesday Night Knitters turned to the knitblogs to learn of the ire flying about.  It makes me sad that big bloggers and not-so-big bloggers are lauching salvos at each other; it makes me sad that other big bloggers are so upset about the election that they have effectively written off half the country. 

I am as painfully disappointed in the outcome of the national election as the next committed Democrat; I am wounded that few to none of the fabulous women candidates to whom I sent money have won their races (like Inez Tenenbaum of South Carolina,  Betty Castor of Florida, but I’m still holding my breath for Christine Gregoire for Governor in Washington); I am flattened that here at home, school is not turning out to be the fun moment of discovery for one of my children, and another is suffering the affronts of adolecence with a vengence.  So to have my little virtual island of Happy Knit Knit Happy Knit Knit turn into a Darwinian food chain gives me mournful pause.  I’m not asking that we all get along, because I know that we don’t, or that we wouldn’t in real life, but could we please disagree with care and consideration and have a civil conversation?