Posted on March 6, 2005 at 3:58 pm

Dear Ann:

(I always wanted to write that)
It is to my great relief to report that no one called the police on us in spite of noise levels such as anDiscreet_brown energized and gleeful bunch of knitting-crazed bloggers that we are created in our chatter, and everyone’s car managed both in and out of the parking lot at The Morril Place Inn without having to enlist the brawn of the resident Olympian Weight-Lifter.  It only took three of us to us rock Alison‘s car out of the snowbank, and you may be surprised to learn that it was without a single Bloody Mary, in spite of your thoughtful package. (Juno thanks you for that, by the way)

ReunionWhen Kay arrived with the squares,  we admired the variety and the craftswomanship in their variety and number, and spread them out all over the Music Room and the table in the Dining Room while our hostesses, RoseAnne and Kristin, put out coffee and tea and muffins for mid-morning snack.


Juno, Wendy, and Kristen played Guess-the-Yarn with the squares, and Benedetta was pleased to be reunited with hers. 

Here are some more pictures of people you virtually know, and their new friends.   I have to say here, because I know that Kat will see these and roll her eyes at how badly photographed she is in both her pictures, that these are about as bad a photograph as ever I have seen of someone.  She is lovely, and does not scowl nor does she have red eyes.


All the way here on the left is Dena, whom I want to point out to you
because should you ever visit us here in Boston, you need to know that she works at one of
the nicest yarn stores I keep in business, Wild & Wooly out in Lexington, where you’re going to have to go to see all their Rowan.

Once we set down to seaming, the day went quickly, and three new afghans came together while another had its edges finished off.  Alison already has some nice pictures at her blog of the ones I missed, and no doubt there will be many pictures to come from the other bloggers present since everytime an afghan was held up for display, there were enough flashes popping off to illuminate the finale at an Aerosmith concert. Joes_friend_amyMaddies_blanketMy favorite was Maddie’s blanket that Benedetta sewed together and the one Amy is holding up behind Joseph, who kept her company for much of the time between pizza for lunch and scones-with-jam-and-cream for Tea.  I handed out doorprizes so that everyone got a souvenir, including the yarn you sent, a bunch from my stash, goodies from the Inn, and gift certificates from Kate who really wanted to come from Paris, but couldn’t find someone to feed her husband while she was away.

Hi_candaceLater in the afternoon, and sadly, after Kay left, Candace Eisner Strick dropped in for late Tea, and spread out on the table all manner of yarns and her patterns for the hangers on to roll around in.  This was, of course, when the weight lifter decided to walk through on his way to dinner.  What must he have thought?

I just wanted you to know that we all enjoyed your thoughtful package and the aerosol cheese, which was just icing on the cake for a glorious day of company and making beauty for chilly souls elsewhere in the world.  Thanks so much to you and Kay for letting us be part of the Afghan Along, and I promise to have the edges on that last afghan knit up and sent off before too long.

                        With Love,

                        Julia and the Boston Seamers