Posted on October 4, 2004 at 4:11 pm

I never get away with anything. I read what everyone said about not bothering to rip. (BTW–I was floored by the response to an inch and a half of intarsia. I think that we bloggers need to make a group effort to knit more of this intarsia stuff, because clearly it creates a sensation that is more than worth the effort.) I looked at the bag and thought that I could carefully unravel only the stitches that were off, correct the spacing and then knit it back up. So I tried this, and then regretted it. I won’t go into the details, but just use your imagination when I say that it slaughtered all of Saturday. It was a very loud, very unproductive run of knitting. If Quentin Tarantino ever made a movie about a knitter, this would have been perfect. . . YARN EVERYWHERE! Needles flying! Vivid language! Bobbins asunder! More fiddly bits than a three-seater chenille covered couch can hold! I had to call in Harvey Keitel to clean the joint.

Ya dig?

So I picked a pre-fricked-up row, stuck my needle across all the stitches a la Theresa, and established a new beachhead. I got serious: I took sensei Wendy’s and sensei Margene’s advice and cut off the bobbin-y ends on the bobbins and played at loose threads; I scanned the chart from the magazine, blew it up 300%, and strapped it down to my magnet board. (Now with action like that, tell me again why Quentin Tarantino won’t make a movie about a knitter? You think knitters aren’t fluent in the hard-boiled language of violence? drama? blood? I laugh at your naivete: HA. Can’t you just envision the potential of a lowly rubber stitchmarker in the hands of Uma Thurman?) From then on, the knitting went quietly. I had to stay vigilant though. You never know when the thing is going to get medieval on you.



And all the while I was working on this. This may look to you like a fashion-forward Santa Hat, but it is in fact, a crown for my boy’s declared Hallowe’en alter-ego. He dug out some items from the costume cupboard and declared his orginal assemblage “The Frog King”
All that was missing was a crown, so I’m knitting what I am hoping will look something like the Imperial Margarine logo. It certainly is sparkly.

Like blood on the snow in the Japanese moonlight.

Ya dig?