Posted on December 21, 2011 at 1:06 pm

A hat for my eldest who has a very big head and a Brooklyn sensibility (code for "cooler than you"):


This is his current facebook photo, so you can see what I mean about the Brooklyn thing:


He seems quite restrained these days, an altogether less rambunctious sense of fun than when he requested this hat (he was 14, so this photo would certainly mortify him now, at 22):


Or perhaps not. Perhaps beneath that flannel shirt still beats an ironic heart. His sister informs me that his favorite t-shirt is a silly one featuring Starwberry Shortcake (the children's character, not the dessert). And last week, he emailed me to ask if I would make him a sweater.

"I was thinking about how I could use a really great sweater recently. I had a sort of weird design in mind — I was thinking something with a nordic/aztec pattern in purple and white with big purple diamond front and center with a unicorn inside the diamond. That's kind of vague but I was thinking we could figure out the specifics when I'm home over break?"

I can't wait.