Posted on August 2, 2014 at 10:37 pm

Middle Child had an adventure this summer. She went to Himachal Pradesh, India with a college credit program for which she spent over a year of planning and saving. In the foothills of the Himalayas, she toured roadside and hilltop temples, stayed in tents, hostels, and homes, and learned about a pantheon of Hindu deities and their artistic representations and tributes.


I’ve always told the kids about my own fortunate years of wandering, and my belief that travels feed you longer than food. Happily this one listened to me, and came home with a banquet large enough to share.

sketchbookOn the left, sketching in her notebook

KashmirIn the middle

She had many stories to tell, and was never long out of touch thanks to the occasional wifi connection. Ah, the modern world.


She got off the plane last week with a fresh flourish of Mehndi from the farewell party, and a backpack full of scarves and beautiful kurtas for everyone.

Meanwhile at home we waited for updates, and trusted the world to bring her back to us happy and safe. Because that’s what you do. I drove the Youngest back and forth the school, checked in on Eldest’s plans for his transition to the West Coast, and spent my days at the studio thinking about my current adventure.

There’s distances to travel in the near future, I am sure. But right now, I am on an design trek of my own. I’ve been immersing myself in my work, and in the society of the Folly Cove Designers. I’ve written about them on this blog before and about my ambition to spend a larger amount of time with them researching their collaborations. This summer, I have had that opportunity, and I will be publishing the results this winter. So far it’s been a quiet little journey, but much lies ahead. I’ll tell you more about it and my travel companions in the next post.