Posted on February 23, 2005 at 9:23 am

Fleece_artist_2Ooh, I could have stayed in that Gaspereau Fibers booth all weekend, chatting with Kate, fondling the fiber, but it would have quickly disappeared out from under my fingers.  I watched yarn and rovings evaporate quickly as people would arrive mesmerized from across the ballroom, with their arms outstretched, their fingers wriggling as they approached this jewel box,  and then quickly tuck handfuls under their arms, like chipmunks stuffing their cheeks for winter. 
I knew I had to act fast.

The siren call of handpainted silk and cashmere, sock yarn and mohair, generous skeins attractively priced proved overpowering to a room full of fiber addicts, and people fed themselves heartily.  Standing in the middle of the booth, I had the sensation of being at the wedding dress sale at Filene’s Basement, or in the middle of a rugby scrum. 

So what did I escape with? (being six feet tall has its advantages).  In the photo on the right, my Fleece Artist haul includes a generous skein of Kid/ Silk 2 ply (almost 500 yards in this bundle) in mauve, amethyst and bronze colours, a 1000 yard skein of Kid Mohair in colours that are like oak leaves after the first hard frost, Merino Sock yarn in cobalt, olive, rust and purples, and a hank of Fleece Artists’ Wavy Cashmere/silk Scarf, with the pattern printed right on the ball band. 

You can also see that I bought a pair of swing needles, made famous by Stephanie last summer upon her return from Cape Breton.  When I saw the tumbler full of these, I picked up a 6mm pair, raised them over my head and crowed "I am one with the Harlot."  The ladies of the booth laughed at what at first I took to be my eccentric behavior, but later discovered to not only be the glamour now associated with those needles because of Stephanie’s endorsement but also because, apparently, this sort of thing happens in their shop all the time.  Women from far reaches of the globe wander into Gaspereau Valley Fibers, pick up the swing needles, shout "I am one with the Harlot" and walk out.

Arlo Guthrie is writing a song about it.

It may be hard to believe it after this contact high, but there were other things worth buying.  Next post, I’ll tell you what else I bought, but you have to promise not to tell my husband.