Posted on August 9, 2004 at 10:00 pm

My dear and wonderful technically inclined and always tinkering packrat of a husband tried to clean up the codes from the bootlog, and eliminated something critical in the process so that the main drive on our computer is not recognized by the operating system. We are currently limping along on an umbilical corded hard drive filched from the teenager’s game computer, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that no residual popups make it into his “pure” bios, as he says.

Which is to say that I’m waiting for the computer to be fixed.

I’m sorry, especially because I’m dying to show you the giraffe sweater front which I finished today. I think it needs a little embroidery, so I’ll block it and have it ready to post when I get back on line.
And of course, a lace along inventory.

I’ve been trawling the group for objects in progress, and I’m surprised to see that a few people haven’t posted that they’re even participating. I’m not going to name names, but some of them are perhaps too busy, or uh, too important? Should I care? Technically, the errant lace-alongers are Kate‘s problem, since the negligent ones all signed up with her.

Maybe they don’t do knit-along buttons in France. Or Chicago.