Posted on December 13, 2010 at 6:07 pm



One pair of completely absurd Cashmere Fingerless Mitts. Absurd because they are white, keep your wrists furnace hot but leave your fingers exposed to the elements, and because they are cashmere, and so very tempting to the wool fairies who lift these things from your pockets while you're having coffee. But the yarn was a once in a lifetime price, and they are exactly the dream mitts my middle child has wanted for over a year, so there ya go. She's the right kind of appreciative, but since the requests for such things show no sign of abating, I think it is time I must push her from the nest, and make her knit things herself.



Speaking of knitting things for one's self . . . This is the entirely experimental swatch for the blanket sweater that's been on my list for a year, based on this image I grabbed from the Soko Magazine last November (this isn't an endorsement of Soko: I think they are much too fixated on the topless skinny waifs, but this one image was worth keeping, don't you think?).


I've cast on and I'm just beginning the first of the charts I've worked up: all seat-of-the-pants design-as-I-go kind of knitting, so wish me luck.