Posted on November 26, 2004 at 3:41 pm


Annie had a contest a couple of weeks ago, and she dangled an irresistible carrot in front of anyone who likes such things as carrots:
three pounds of her mother’s divinely dyed and carded merino/angora/mohair.  To my utter astonishment, I won; and if that weren’t enough to knock my socks so far off that I may never have warm toes again, the fiber arrived in the mail the day before Thanksgiving. Annies_skein

It was so fantastic a cloud of colour and softness, that I sat down immediately to spin some up.  My inlaws (in residence for Thanksgiving and grateful for anything that strays from the "The kids sure have grown" line of conversation) were amazed.  I might as well have pulled a rabbit out of a hat as spin yarn as far as they were concerned.  So they sat and watched while I made this little 10 yard skein of beauty.  It kept them quiet for a good half hour.  Too bad this doesn’t work the same way for kids.  I have high hopes for this beautiful lot, and I can’t wait to get to it in earnest.  Annie says that her mother sells at all the big east shows, so keep a greedy eye out for her at Maryland and Rhinebeck next year.  I’ll let you know the nameof her business when Annie gets back to me on that.

Meanwhile, I tried to stay out of the way during Mission:Gluttony yesterday.  Everyone in the house but me has a specialty dish they like to produce for the big feast, so I let them have the kitchen to themselves.  It’s always an anxious surrender on my account–since guess who has to clean up after all of them–but Thanksgiving just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without Miss C’s abstract sculptures she calls dinner rolls, Snarky Boy’s idiosyncratic table settings and running commentary, Mother in Law’s stuffing and creamed onions, and my husband’s carmelized turkey, which arrived at the table with enough ceremony to rival the launching of the Lusitania


So I stayed out of the way, supervising my Father-in-Law’s navigation
of our television and the Wonder Boy’s puzzles, all while getting in a
little knitting.  I would have finished the Silk Garden sweater, but
it’s at that point where everything has to be spread out to see what’s
next, and since every surface in the house is taken up with food prep,
I contained myself to knitting this sock.  It’s Lorna’s Laces Green River Socks by Judy Sumner, knit in Regia #2177.   It’s been awhile since I knit a sock, and I have an embarrassing amount of sock yarn in the stash.  I took Lynette and Monica’s "Yarn Non-Buying Agreement" pledge, and I intend to have made a big enough dent in my stash by February, by de-acquisition and actual knitting, to make a celebratory run to Halcyon in Bath, Maine.  So socks it is.

I hope that your holiday was filled with such blessings as mine of comfort, food, family, and stash, for which I am deeply grateful.