Posted on September 27, 2004 at 9:50 am



Now that the shortening days have turned the apples red and felled a few of the late summer crops in my garden, isn’t it time for a light spring sweater? I have finally finished seaming Jaipur from Rowan # 33 that was my project for Alison‘s Linen Drape-along. I do love the sweater, but this was one of those projects that started off in a flush of enthusiasm only to become a dirge with endless stockinette and finishing seam stitches that were on the scale of petit point. I really admire the linen fabric, which Emma says will only improve with washing. This will go for a therapeutic soaking this afternoon, but I couldn’t wait another day for it to dry before I took a picture–not that I like having my picture taken. But it’s finally done, and now I can do the finished object dance, wherein I shimmy empty needles into their cases, swing left-over yarn into the stash, shake out the knitting bag, and dip into the pile of projects-in-progress to meet my next partner. I guess the glee of being free from this particular size 3 needle project has me a little giddy. *twirl*