Posted on May 7, 2004 at 9:03 am

My fellow Tuesday Night Knitter and friend Kathy is going away this weekend. Now normally I would be lighting candles and doing little dances for her safe travels, but I’ve been too busy doing this=================>
There it is in all of its twisted-upon-itself glory, my first spindle of yarn.  I’m so proud I could just bust a gut.  Or split a finger: I had no idea that spinning could dry your hands out so much.  (du-oh, smack of parched hand against sunburned forehead) Is that why there are always handcream vendors at wool events?    I always thought it was because handcream companies were just predatory and sexist: wool event=women, and I would shoot dirty looks at them, especially if they were men.  Okay, I am seeing the world in a whole new light.  I have some serious penance handcream to buy.

But back to the spinning thing:  I had phantom treadle foot last night when I went to bed, which for you guys who have never worked a wheel before, is not unlike one’s first night ashore, which happens to me even if the ship in question was only the Long Island Ferry.

I am just getting myself in the mood for Sunday.  I want to try a few wheels, not look like an idiot, and buy some fun roving to spin on this wheel before I have to return it to Kathy on Monday.  Hopefully late Monday.

Maybe Tuesday.